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Title: Spiritual Warfare - Part 08/11 - The Sword of the Spirit - Part 2/3
Author: David PackerClick here to get further informations
Location: IBC Stuttgart, International Baptist Church, Untere Waldplätze 38, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen - Sunday Morning Service (2nd Service)
Passage: Ephesians 6, 17
Language: english
Category: Service
Keywords: If you want to be a good person, study the Bible. The Word of God instructs our minds as to the will of God, and we learn what is good and bad, right and wrong, and holy and unholy. Through its study we become moral and righteous people. The Bible shows our weaknesses to our own selves, and speaks to us not only of actions, but also motives, values, and the thoughts of our hearts. Not only does the Bible teach us to do what is right, but through reading the Word of God we become connected to God himself. It is a living Word. We meet God when we read his Word. The Word calls us to intimacy with God and to know his heart. Through the Word we learn of his love. But our text today tells us of another use of God's Word - it is our weapon in spiritual warfare. The sword it describes here was the short, two-edged, pointed sword the Romans called the gladius. It was simple to use, multi-purpose in battle, and useful for hand-to-hand fighting. In our struggles with temptations, in the close up and personal spiritual fighting we do each day, and in the knowledge of, and trust in, the Word of God. Know the Word and let the Word know you, and you will know God and find strength in temptation. — Pastor David Packer
Date/Time: 28.07.2019
Duration: 23:37
Pages: 15
ID: 31503
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